Milan are afraid to lose Suso

Milan are afraid to lose Suso

Milan want to sign a new contact with the team leader this season - Suso. The current contract of the Spaniard is calculated until 2022, but the leadership of Rossoneri is worried that the player will be intercepted by any club with the upcoming transfer window.

Surprisingly fot Milan’s fans the leader of the team this season was not Calhanoglu or the rented Higuain. Behind the team leads Suso. The Spaniard in thirteen matches in the current season scored four goals and gave eight assists.

The player himself is happy in the team and happy with himself, as he said after another hard victory of Milan,

“When you work, everything does not work out right away. But I got my way - I play well, I feel great. I'm doing great in Milan, they call me to the national team. Everything is perfect.”

At the same time, the performance actions of the playmaker in most cases brought points to Milan, which is why the team from San Siro climbed to fourth place in the standings. Suso became the main reason for the preservation of Gennaro Gattuso as Milan coach. Only in the match with Udinese, the team interrupted the series of goals conceded in each championship game, which lasted from April 15 of the current year.

However, the club management is not so willing to encourage a football player, how much to keep him. In the current contract, the Spaniard is registered with klausula at 38 million euros, which is a mere penny in the conditions of modern realities. With the loss of Suso and with compensation in the amount mentioned, Milan will not find an equivalent substitute for the midfielder, issuing an average of one effective action per game.

Since moving from Liverpool to Milan, a player has earned 1 million euros per year. Then the club tripled the amount of the salary, but now it will have to really fork out. More Spaniards in Milan get Higuain, Donnarumma, Bakayoko, Billi and Romagnoli. Therefore, the best assistant in Europe, as well as a leader on sharpening passes in Serie A, will face an irreversible increase in or outside Milan.