Manchester City are risking to be left without European cups

Manchester City are risking to be left without European cups

The UEFA may leave the acting champions of England outside of the Champions League next season. Such statement was made by the Telegraph, referring to the materials of Football Leaks regarding violations of financial fair-play on the Citizens’ part.

An independent investigation, the subject of which will be proceedings on the case of Manchester City’s financial operations, will be held one of these days. Whereas a special attention will be paid to Riyad Mahrez’s transfer from Leicester, which happened last summer for 60 million pounds sterling. According to the official information of the Citizens, the additional money to the club’s treasury came from sponsors, when the transfer was made by the team’s owners.

The German magazine Der Spiegel also poured some gasoline into fire at Etihad. According to the source, the Citizens hid from controlling bodies 167 million pounds sterling in 2014. The UEFA confirmed that if suspicions regarding Mahrez’s transfer turn out to be true, they will open sheikh Mansour team’s old cases for new investigations.

Sky Sports have already presumed that according to the regulations, Manchester City will end up overboard of the most prestigious club tournament in Europe and fifth team in the league will take their place. Thus  Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea from London, which at the moment are fighting for the last ticket to the Champions League next season, may get there together.

In case of confirmation of the unpleasant news, the Citizens will have to say goodbye to a number of players to make up for the missing difference of 167 million pounds. A  sale of a couple of players of the midfield line will hardly be a big problem for them. A transfer ban would make much more trouble. Therefore, this season the Citizens as never before will be set to win the first Champions League trophy to their museum.

According to bookmakers, Manchester City are the main favorites to win the Champions League with the odds of 4,40. They are followed by Barcelona (5,80), Juventus (6,30), PSG (8,90) and Bayern (10,00).