Gerrard heads to Liverpool

Gerrard heads to Liverpool

Steven Gerrard in the Old Firm derby between Celtic and Rangers defeated Brendan Rodgers and for the first time in six years brought the team from Glasgow a victory over the principal opponents.

Throughout the match, Rangers pressed Celtic at native Ibrox Stadium, having surpassed Rodgers’ team in ball possession and having made twice as much shots on the opponents’ target. Ryan Jack decided the outcome of the match, having scored the only goal on the thirtieth minute.

For Rodgers, this defeat has become the only one in thirteen matches of the Old Firm derby. It symbolical that the defeat happened exactly in the match against his former ward, with whom in 2014 the Northern Irish almost won the championship, having given away the first place to Manchester City in the end.

Gerrard chose the right way of building his managerial career. At first, the Liverpool legend trained the youth team, with which he achieved decent results, having advanced to play-offs of the Youth Champions League. After that, the former Reds’ captain accepted the invitation from building Rangers. His team is currently on the second place, having the same amount of points with the Celts, who, however, have a match in reserve.

However, in the two-year period, Gerrard has shown himself from his best side as a manager and the latest interview of the halfback is a direct confirmation for that,

“When a training ends, I think: who do I need to talk to? Is the team meeting necessary? Is it necessary to prepare coaching staff? Meet with analysts?” Later, when you’re already in the car, you are worried about how many telephone calls have you missed, agents are trying to reach you and so on. You become more occupied and because of that the day becomes longer.

Liverpool have one of the best managers in the world and have flown high. Just because you were a successful player, it doesn’t mean that you will be granted the right to be the next in line [for the manager seat].”

For now Steven is focused exclusively on his work at Rangers and an indicator of the manager’s success will be the termination of Celtic’s hegemony in the championship. Having defeated Brendan Rodgers on a distance, Gerrard will show how ready is he to go for a promotion and wait his turn after Klopp. And for now the Englishman will have to pass his way to the top of the managerial art.