Valverde will leave Barcelona in Summer

Valverde will leave Barcelona in Summer

Spanish manager of Catalan Barcelona Ernesto Valverde does not deny the option of his departure after the current season. The focus will be on the achievements of Valverde as the manager of Blaugranas.

The manager’s contract expires in the end of this season; therefore it is not surprising that the press spreads rumors regarding the Spaniard’s dismissal. Inalmost two years at Camp Nou Valverde brought Barcelona to the championship title, having won simultaneously the cup and the Spanish Super Cup. But whereas amongst Barcelona’s achievements in the Champions League there are no changes after the victory with Luis Enrique in 2015.

Considering ambitions of the Catalan club and extramural competition with Real Madrid, the management may sack the manager for the absence of achievements on international arena. Especially that last year Blaugranas were eliminated at the quarter-final stage by Roman Roma on aggregate.

In an interview to the club football channel, Valverde confirmed that there is a possibility of his departure after this season,

“I do not know, where will I work next season. This is football. Everything can happen; therefore, I will not guess in advance.

If the team doesn’t win the championship, everyone pays attention to the manager. I am concentrated on the set goals at the moment; therefore let us wait and see, what will happen in the future.”

After 17 rounds Barcelona with 37 points in the asset area leading the tournament table of La Liga and have also advanced from the first place in the Champions League group. The Catalans will meet with Lyon in play-offs. In the end of last year Barcelona organized a poll amongst the club members to find out their opinion regarding Valverde. Eighty percent of the interviewed supported the manager and 60% of them evaluated the Spaniard’s work as “good” and another 18% as “perfect”.