Neymar and Bonucci will not help their clubs in UCL

Neymar and Bonucci will not help their clubs in UCL

Two figures in the squads of Juventus and PSG will not help their clubs in the first matches of the Champions League round of 16. Neymar and Bonucci got injured and because of that they will miss about a month.

Neymar got injured in the match of the Coupe de France’s round of 32 against Strasbourg, which his team won 2:0. The Brazilian left the pitch in tears and later it became known that he had an injury relapse of fifth metatarsal bone. To recover from such a damage, several weeks are usually required.

Later, Brazilian journalist of Esporte Interativo Isabela Pagliari confirmed the information about the injury. Later she said,

“I can confirm that Neymar has a fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone in the same spot, where last year. He will miss at least a month.”

According to preliminary information, the Brazilian will be back in line before the second match against Manchester United. The Reds under Solskjaer’s management have become an undefeatable machine and have outplayed opponents in eight matches in a row. Tottenham and Arsenal were among their opponents, therefore, Neymar’s loss is not timely for the French club.

Misfortune touched Turin Junvetus as well. Il Bianconeri lost Leonardo Bonucci in the match with Lazio, which the Turinians won thanks to the goals of Cancelo and Ronaldo. In the first half Bonucci sprained his ankle and was replaced by Giorgio Chiellini.

The examination showed that the recovery will take Bonucci about a month. This means that the Italian will also miss the first match of the Champions League play-offs, which Juventus will play against Monaco.

Because of the fact that football becomes more dynamic and intensive with every year, the injuries during the course of the season do not strike as something new. The teams from the EPL know that better than anyone else, where the winter break is absent completely. Because of that, Liverpool, Arsenal  and Tottenham faced problems, having lost key players.

But that doesn’t mean that players from other leagues and certain positions on the pitch are insured from injuries. Neymar and Bonucci will not help their teams in important matches. Considering that Juventus will play against the same defensive and pragmatic Atletico, Allegri will have a problem.