Only Juventus is undefeated

Only Juventus is undefeated

Last weekend, the last competitors of Juventus in the rank of the undefeated team in top five leagues of Europe PSG lost to Lyon 1:2. After 22 rounds Il Bianconeri lead the tournament table of Serie A, having broken away from Napoli by nine points.

After the first half of the season in top five leagues of Europe, three teams remained undefeated in domestic tournaments. On the 3rd of January Merseyside Liverpool dropped out of the triumvirate, which lost to Manchester City away, 2:1. After that, only PSG and Juventus remained at the top.

PSG have no problems in the league, the same as one year before. Twenty one matches later the team are occupying tie first place, having gained in total 56 points and breaking away from Lille, have two matches in reserve. However, in the latest match Tuchel’s men, having scored a goal on seventh minute, put hands down and played relaxed and for that they paid to Lyon. Genesio’s counter-attacking team equalized with the help from Dembele at first, and then Fekir realized a penalty shot.

Juventus, just like the last of the Mohicans, remained at the thrones of the undefeated team in the league. But one should not think that Allegri’s team has no problems. In their latest match Il Bianconeri had a draw with Parma 3:3. No wonder, as the stronghold of defense consisted of Rugani and Caceres. Barzagli, Bonucci and Chiellini got injured in Juventus. Also Quadrado is in infirmary and it is good that Mandzukic and Pjanic recovered from injuries.

The championship of Italy is a stable space for Juventus to accumulate trophies. On a distance in Serie  there are no teams with such a bench width, capable of gaining points in every match. However, the elimination from Coppa Italia from Atalanta 3:0 says a lot. The Old Lady is not difficult to be outplayed within cup tournaments, when universal players like Mandzukic, Pjanic do not play, as well as the best defenders of the team. Therefore, Atletico have decent chances of getting into the Champions League quarter-finals, considering Bonucci dropping out. But for now Juventus are leading Serie A, not having lost a single time within six months and are unlikely to lose, looking at Roma, Inter, Milan and other teams’ shapes.