James may end up at Juventus

James may end up at Juventus

James may end up at Juventus

The Bayern Munich midfielder James Rodriguez may transfer to Juventus Turin next summer. The footballer’s father, who is also his agent, claims that and also told about the options of James’ career contitnuation.

The Colombian still belongs to Real Madrid and plays at Bayern on a two-year loan. However, after the arrival of Niko Kovac to the team, Rodriguez lost his place in the line-up and is now considering an option to leave.

Recently, the halfback’s father spoke with journalists of Sport Bild and in the course of the interview told about the options of his son’s career continuation,

“Right now his quiet and terse, he is not very happy. A top footballer must play.

James has a lot of offers. Him and Cristiano are in a friendly relationship. As I see the Italian football nowadays, the transfer to Juventus is a good decision.”

Cristiano Ronaldo, who is convincing the Colombian to move to Turin, may play a decisive role in the transfer.

A telephone conversation of the former teammates took place recently, during the course of which the Portuguese offer James Juventus. The same thing Ronaldo offered to the former South American teammate, Marcelo.

I Bianconeri are considering a free signing of Aaron Ramsey from Arsenal in search of an attacking midfielder. The Gunners were also interested in James in the winter, considering soon departure of the Welsh halfback, but did not reach any agreement.

Considering the fact that Ronaldo plays at Juventus, as well as his countryman, Cuadrado, and a number of footballers from Latin America countries, Rodriguez would adapt and play well at the Old Lady’s camp. Compared to the building Arsenal, Juventus, which have gained pace and fight for all existing trophies every year is a more attractive option.