Ceferin remains UEFA President

Ceferin remains UEFA President

On seventh of February the UEFA Presidential elections took place in Rome. Within the 43rd Congress, Aleksander Ceferin has defended his post after the unanimous vote having extended his time at the post until 2023.

The Slovenian functionary was chosen by the UEFA in September 2016 and since that time for three years has been defending the interests of the European football organizations and clubs. Amongst the President’s achievements, one should consider the improvement of financial fair-play rules, the opening of a new international new international tournament – the Nations League, the third European cup tournament and also a battle with FIFA to attract clubs to the Superleague.

In his speech, the only candidate for the post of the organization turned to members, having told about further intentions in the work,

“We will adapt the rules of the FFP to set a new balance, in which everyone will be able to find his lawful place.

The initial goals of the FFP have been achieved. The European clubs are more healthy financially than ever before, in many countries the problems with debts were solved, and the unpaid debts to clubs, managers and players, it seems, are becoming rather bad memories.

It is time to move to the second stage of this big European project in consultation with ECA [European Club Association] so that every European club could fully use its potential of development.”

The UEFA conducted investigations regarding violations of financial fair-play regarding Milan, PSG, Manchester City, Inter and other clubs. The ultimatums of expulsion from the European Cups were set by him. Also, since recently, the UEFA is actively fighting against creation of the Superleague with participation of the clubs from European championships. In the organization’s opinion, this would lead to a decrease of popularity of the Champions League and the Europa League. A radical step for that would be possible move of the European matches to week-ends.

Also, video assistant referee system will work from the play-off stage of the Champions league this season, which has proven itself well in the World Cup last year and is already being used in the championships of Spain, Italy, Germany and France.