Meet the new rules of football

Meet the new rules of football

A new football rules were introduced on the international council of football associations. The changes aren’t as fatal as progressive analysts would want, but they are to be reckoned with.

The changes affected the setting up a wall of footballers during free kick performance. The rules of handball were specified, as well as footballers’ substitutes during the match. We will break down each one of these points in this material.

Now the footballers of the team, performing a free kick, are prohibited from standing in the wall alongside the defensive team’s players. Footballers’ of the attacking team took advantage of that in an attempt to destroy the wall during the shot, thus giving additional space for the ball. According to the amendments, now the footballers of the attacking side aren’t allowed to approach the wall closer than a meter.  This amendment will add legitimacy during free kick performance; therefore, the change has the right to be.

Also the changes in the process of replacing players were resorted to. After coming into force of these amendments next June, a footballer, whom the manager decided to replace, will have to leave the pitch, proceeding to a sideline or a free kick line, which is the closest to him. This will prevent stalling and will not let footballers walk slowly through the whole pitch, bring closer the final whistle.

And as for the bans on handball, not everything is definite and positive. Now every contact of the ball with a hand is considered a foul during the scored goal. The council representatives commented on this as follows,

“Goals, scored directly by hand (even unintentional) or if a player created the moment, playing along with his hand (even unintentionally), will no longer be counted.”

However, there are enough cases in football, when the ball unintentionally rebounds to a footballer, whereas touching a hand. Besides, it is unclear, whether it will be a foul, if the attacker’s hand will be pressed against the body. With this amendment the council did not clarify, but even more confused football referees.

Football is a dynamic and relatively young kind of sport; therefore, amendments in its rules have a place to be. If there are no questions to the moments with substitutions of football players and interference with free kicks, then amendments with playing with hands require additional explanations.