Real aim at Klopp

Real aim at Klopp

Real’s disgrace in the second match with Ajax at Santiago Bernabeu forced the management to seek a new manager to replace Santiago Solari. The madridian has three coaches in the short list, plus the return of Jose Mourinho is not excluded.

The Independent newspaper claims that after a devastating conversation of Los Blancos’ president Florentino Perez in the locker room, the functionary gave instructions to look for a new manager, so that he would come to Santiago Bernabeu in the summer. Real are considering Jurgen Klopp from Liverpool as the priority option. However, it will be extremely difficult to get the German.

The British newspaper The Times reports about that. According to the information of the respectable source, the German will refuse the job, if he receives direct offer. Real are counting on Klopp, as they want to fix the atmosphere in the team. In Los Blancos management’s opinion, Jurgen will manage to do that, judging from him never having conflicts with the present footballers in the madridian club’s structure.

At the same time, The Telegraph states of Jose Mourinho’s return to the team. The Portuguese is without a job since the middle of December and constantly adds fuel to fire with expressions, how it is pleasant for him, when people talk about his return to Real. The Madridians understand that drawing Klopp out of Liverpool is as difficult, as Pochettino from Tottenham. Therefore, they are also considering Massimiliano Allegri.

The Italian has reached his peak in Juventus and he needs new challenges. Real, like no other team can present him that. Allegri won all internal trophies with the Old Lady and also twice reached the final of the Champions League, having lost to Los Blancos and Barcelona.

The last and improbable option for Real’s managerial post is the return of Zinedine Zidane. According to the Spanish media information, Perez has reconnected with the madridians’ former manager, however, the Frenchman responded that he needs wait until June.

Real have driven themselves into a hole and do not know how to get out of it. It is clear that this season is over for them, since the victories in La Liga cannot be seen by the team in the same way as in the Cup or the Champions League, from where they have dropped out. Real need a restructuring, so the return of former coaches will not help. We need a new look, and Allegri is suitable for this, given his regalia in Italy and readiness for challenges.