Solskjaer is not the panacea, but a good vitamin

Solskjaer is not the panacea, but a good vitamin

The subject of discussion on Wednesday was the sensational victory of Manchester United away in Paris 1:3. This victory allowed the Red Devils to knock PSG out of the Champions League, disgracing the Parisians once again after Barcelona in 2017.

Having won at Old Trafford 0:2, PSG waited for the second match without much motivation to confirm their level and advance to the quarterfinals. Few people seriously predicted the advancement of Manchester United, because it looked like a fantasy in football. Nevertheless, PSG are no strangers to this, given their recent seasons in the main club tournament in Europe.

However, in all honesty, one cannot say that Manchester United won this standoff. Rather, PSG lost. All the trump cards were in the hands of Tuchel’s team, which they called in an attempt to throw the win against Manchester United.

The Red Devils looked weaker in the second match; however, the lack of motivation in PSG players allowed Lukaku to open the score. Then, Buffon gave the guests a second goal and in the end of the match the shot from outside the penalty area brought the winning penalty.

The author of two goals in Buffon’s net, Romelu Lukaku claimed after the match,

I know that he will stay, there is no doubt about it (smiling). He wants to stay, the players want him to stay. We play very well. As Manchester United should play.”

The manager himself is already looking forward and believes in the triumph in the Champions League,

“Sir Alex Ferguson is also happy and proud. This is how it’s done at Manchester United! We can go all the way in the tournament until the end, but let’s wait for the draw. All teams will be strong in quarter-finals.”

Considering that Ajax, Tottenham and Porto remain in the tournament, Manchester United may get lucky and they will get to the semi-final. However, if Solskjaer’s team gets an opponent, which will not throw hats at the opponent until the final whistle, the result may be different. Solskjaer has created a sensation, as in his days in the final match with Bayern, but will he take advantage of that on a distance or will hope for luck, only time will tell.