FIFA are accused of corruption

FIFA are accused of corruption

FIFA has become an object of a new corruption scandal associated with the appointment of the host country of the upcoming 2022 World Cup. According to the source, the organization received 880 million dollars from Qatari sheikhs.

The Sunday Times has published the accusation of FIFA, suspecting the main football body in corruption. According to the statement of the British newspaper, the FIFA received from the Qatari functionaries a little less than a billion dollars for the right to host the 2022 Mondial at their soil.

The source claims that they have documents screenshots , in which the name of the organization president at the time, Josef Blatter is mentioned along with his signature. Three weeks before the elections of the host countries of the forthcoming Mondials of 2018 and 2022, the Qatari channel Al Jazeera signed a TV contract with FIFA with a total sum of 400 million dollars.

According to the contract, the channel has bought the rights to broadcast all competitions under the FIFA leadership for 150 million dollars until 2018 and for the similar sum from 2019 to 2022, including the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. The Rest 100 million dollars were as a bonus, if Qatar becomes Mondial host country.

Three years later, the Qatari company beIN Media Group offered the football organization another contract of 480 million dollars. Whereas according to the source, the numbers in the agreement exceed the previous sums five times.

It’s not a secret to anybody that the FIFA and UEFA presidents in the persons of and Michelle Platini during the period of their work at the posts, they turned a lot of corruption frauds because of what they got suspended from football. Aleksandr Ceferin and Gianni Infantino have not yet been seen in something like that, although the creation of the new European Cup tournaments and the Football Super League may be the basis for this.