Guardiola aims at Champions League

Guardiola aims at Champions League

Manchester City head coach gave an interview after the Champions League quarter-finals draw. The Spaniard intends to achieve success this season with the Citizens, despite the team’s setbacks in the previous seasons.

Manchester City’s history is not the brightest, which mainly began with the arrival of Sheikhs to the team. Thanks to the investment, Manchester City have built a football academy, which is already bearing quality performer to Pep Guardiola’s team.

Success on domestic arena does not satisfy the club owners; therefore, this season, Manchester City’s goal is a victory in the Champions League by any means necessary. Whereas the Citizens have already won the League cup, continue fighting for the English Cup and are leading the championship.

On their way to the quarter-finals, the White Sky Blues have passed Shakhtar, Hoffenheim and Lyon in the group stage, as well as destroyed Schalke in the round of 16, having won two matches 10:2 on aggregate.

In the next round with a light touch of hand of Inter’s former goalkeeper Julio Cesar, Manchester City got Tottenham. The Citizens head coach expressed his thoughts regarding the opponent as follows,

“I am very glad that we participate in this draw.

Man City’s main success in the history of the Champions League – is a semi-final. Compare, for example, with Real, Barcelona and Bayern. Look, what Champions League experience they have.”

Manchester City are too engaged this season. While the League Cup ended in February, the English Cup and championship last until May. Therefore, no one would envy the Citizens’ calendar. In the mid-April, Guardiola will have  three matches against Tottenham and after that a voyage to Old Trafford for the match against Manchester United. It is a great opportunity for Liverpool to get onto the first place in the EPL, whereas they have Porto as their opponents.

However, City have quite a broad bench allowing them to play without losing the game picture, which is the most important thing. Therefore, any footballer from the first squad, who is sitting on the bench, knows what to do, appearing on the field. The Citizens are the favorites of the couple and most likely will advance to semi-finals, where the Ajax-Juventus couple winner will wait for them, but the things in the championship may go off the rails.