Manchester United do not need Bale

Manchester United do not need Bale

Gareth Bale, who was the main transfer target of the Mancunians throughout his whole career, is of no interest for them now. Man Utd will refuse bale even if Real Madrid puts the Welshman for sale.

Zinedine Zidane has returned to Real Madrid on a horse and with full carte-blanche in club management. Among other demands of the Frenchman, which were met by Florentino Perez, was a clause of full management of footballers, their purchase and sale. Considering terrible relationship between the manager and Bale back since Zidane’s first arrival at Real as a manager, it is not long has left for the Welshman at Real,

“I don’t want to talk about how Bale is spending the season. I will only talk about what we have ahead of us and that is 11 matches in the championship.

Everyone knows well, what kind of player Bale is and I am counting on him as much as other members of the team. We have many strong players and I hope that they will be ready to give everything to end the season decently”, Zidane said.

The Spanish media ESPN reports that Bale is already packing suitcases. A little bit earlier, the footballer’s agent, Jonathan Barnett, said that the footballer is ready to wait and look at his destiny at the club under Zidane. However, it became known that Real are planning to sell the former Tottenham footballer and to spend the earned money on the squad restructuring.

Manchester United, it seemed, were the obvious contenders for the purchase. The Red Devils hunted for Bale back when he performed for Southampton in 2007. David Moyes tried to purchase the footballer in 2013 and later did van Gaal and Mourinho. However, time put everything in place and the 30-year old winger is not needed for Solskajer and Manchester United. The new manager of the team from Old Trafford is making accent on buying young footballers.

Bale has played 35 matches for Real this season in all tournaments. During that time, the Welshman scored 14 goals and made 4 assists. Los Blancos lost all chances on a victory in all tournaments, having been eliminated from the cup competitions and in the championship the gap from the first place is 12 points ten matches before the end of the tournament.