Milan may be left without Donnarumma and Paqueta

Milan may be left without Donnarumma and Paqueta

Ahead of the match with Juventus, which will take place next Saturday already, Milan may lose two key performers. In a match with Udinese the Rossoneri goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma and the playmaker, Lucas Paqueta got injured.

Not that long ago, Milan swiftly got into third place, overtaking Inter, but also swiftly descended to fourth place. The team from the city of the same name lost at first to the main opponents, Inter (2:3), then lost to Sampdoria (1:0) and had a draw with Udinese (1:1), losing the victory in the middle of the second time.

Lazio are situated alongside Gattuso’s team, which have a game in advance and the Eagles in theory can throw Milan out of the Champions League. Rossoneri have improved significantly with the arrival of Krzysztof Piątek to the team, but without active playmakers, the team doesn’t bring results to connect the midfield line with offense.

The injuries can play a cruel joke with Gattuso and his team. Donnarumma may be famous for his unconfident game outside the box, but Reina is far from being a panacea. Whereas Paqueta still hasn’yt adapted to a harsh Italian football, as in Brazil he performed a role of a free artist. The defender Andrea Conti will not go the match with Juventus, who is left out from the line-up for the game with Udinese.

Gattuso claimed in one of his press conferences that Milan’s task is the same, despite the state of affairs in the team,

“We know about the difficulties, which we had to face, but Milan isn’t dead. The right remedy for everything is victories.

We are all rowing in the same boat and I am calm. Our goal is to return to the Champions League and we all stick together to achieve that.”

Considering the latest news, bookmakers have decreased the odds on Juventus’ victory in the home match with Milan. Now the odds on the Old Lady’s triumph are 1.70, 3.60 for a draw and 5.50 on Milan’s victory.