Ceferin expressed UEFA’s position regarding racism

Ceferin expressed UEFA’s position regarding racism

The UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin discussed the subject of racism and other actions of disrespect at stadiums in one of his latest addresses. The functionary announced possible expulsions of teams from participating in competitions under the auspices of the UEFA.

The subject of uncultured attitude of fans at stadiums has always been actual. In most cases it was burning fires, fights on the stands or racist shouts to black football players and more. For such violations at the Champions League or Europa League matches, clubs are fined or banned from fans to be allowed into the stadiums. Among the latest cases, we can recall the fans of Dynamo Kyiv in matches with Olympiacos or Chelsea, as well as many clubs in Turkey, the Balkans, Greece or Italy.

The UEFA President Ceferin in one of his latest addresses touched on the topic of racism and spoke about the consequences that would be in case of violations of the rules. Among the main penalties are fines and matches with empty stands. If the situation continues on an ongoing basis, clubs or national teams can leave the tournament,

“Monkey hootings, bananas on the pitch, edited photos of Anne Frank, places where women are not allowed to watch football, let alone play. This is madness.

So this is a call for decisive action and help from governments, because I have had enough.

I don’t want to engage in politics, but it’s crazy to hear how different politicians, far-right politicians, promote racism, sexism and homophobia.”

Cheferin also stressed that in case of any disrespect by the fans to the players, the main referee of the match is obliged to stop the game. Similar incidents happened in the Netherlands Cup, Serie A. Before the 2018 World Cup, the judges received a similar setup.

“We will talk to the judges again in connection with the latest incidents. We tell them to be confident, not to be afraid to act.

They all know, but they are people. It is difficult to decide whether to act or not. This is a serious step, but we will talk with the referees and tell them to be courageous.”

Not so long ago, the UEFA closed some sectors at the Dynamo Kyiv stadium due to the use of pyrotechnics in the match against Olympiacos. Fans of the Ukrainian club are also suspected of racist slogans against Chelsea players in London, and in particular Hudson-Odoi. If the Dynamo fans' guilt is proven, the club can follow in the footsteps of it’s namesake from Zagreb, who were sentenced to two European cup home matches without spectators for systematic use of pyrotechnics and illegal actions in the stands.