Klopp compared Henderson to Gerrard

Klopp compared Henderson to Gerrard

Ahead of a responsible fight with Chelsea within the framework of the English Premier League, Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp issued advances to the team captain Jordan Henderson. The German compared the midfielder with Steven Gerrard and crumbled into complements.

The role of Henderson in modern Liverpool is difficult to overestimate. The captain of the team is constantly involved in the games, conducts the attack and often remains cleans up for partners, falling on the same line with the central defenders.

Jordan has incorporated the main qualities of Milner and Wijnaldum in the team, so in conjunction with them, Liverpool reached the Champions League final last season. Thanks to the performance that Henderson borrowed from James and the vision of the field by Wijnaldum, the captain of Liverpool is constantly included in the game episodes, does not hesitate to fight hard and gives accurate passes to the partners on wings, conducting the game in the center of the field.

In an interview with the official club website, Jürgen Klopp emphasized the importance of Henderson for the team,

“Henderson is a fantastic footballer. He deserves all praise, but he doesn't get too much. Hendo, from my point of view, is a brilliant player. If I had to write a book about him, it would consist of 500 pages.

So I am very positive. Replacing Gerrard is the most difficult job in football in the last 500 years. It seems to people that since this is not Stevie, then this is not enough.”

The only thing Henderson loses to Gerrard is the standard situations. The midfielder is not as good as Stevie G in this aspect and is not so actively connected to the attacks, although in the last match of the championship was marked by a goal against Southampton.

This season, Henderson played in 27 league games, scored one goal and made an assist, which speaks of his focus more on defense than on attack. At the same time, the Englishman, on average, makes one and a half of pick-ups per match and one interception, and the accuracy of his passes does not fall below the 85% mark per match at the club level.