Bookmakers update chances on teams to advance to UCL semifinals

Bookmakers update chances on teams to advance to UCL semifinals

After the end of two last quarter-final matches of the Champions League round, bookmaking companies have reviewed the teams’ chances on advancement. Barcelona and Juventus are the main contenders to end up in semi-finals.

Matches between Ajax and Juventus (1:1) as well as Manchester United and Barcelona (0:1) ended on Wednesday. The outcome of the matches had its surprises. Thus, is we breakdown the match between the English and the Spanish teams, we will see that Barcelona had an away victory  this season in the Champions League for the first time in three years. The Catalans won at Old Trafford thanks to the only goal by Luis Suarez and the Catalans’ leader Lionel Messi received a nose injury in a collision with Chris Smalling. However, even this fact did not make analysts doubt in Barcelona’s advancement to semi-finals.

In percentage, Valverde’s team dominates over Manchester United completely – 88.4% against 11.6% for Solskjaer’s side.

As for the second pair, where Ajax and Juventus tried their strength at Yohan Kruyff Arena, this situation is more complicated here. The teams had a 1:1 tie, scoring in the end of first and beginning of second half. The hosts looked more interesting; however, the guests’ experience and skill did not allow to repeat with them the Real match scenario in the first match.

Juventus’ chances on advancement are to the Champions League semi-final after the match are 73.4% and Ajax have 26.6% respectively. As for historical part, in 40 matches out of 42, Barcelona advanced to the next stage after an away victory. However, two matches, in which they lost on aggregate, happened in the far 1980 and 1984 against the German Koln and the French Metz respectively. Juventus have similar statistics. The Old Lady played 61 times in the first away draw match, after which they did not advance in two confrontations. In 1980 with London Arsenal (1:1 and 0:1) and Manchester United (1:1 and 2:3).