West Ham are blocking way to stadium for antisemites

West Ham are blocking way to stadium for antisemites

Ahead of the match with Manchester United in the final round of the championship, West Ham fans staged an unauthorized campaign of insults against Tottenham London. Representatives of the club have already paid attention to this and will apply the necessary measures.

In the latest round of the Premier League Manchester United minimally beat West Ham in London thanks to two goals from Paul Pogba from the penalty spot. After the match, the head coach of the Hammers Manuel Pellegrini addressed the league representatives about the early implementation of VAR,

“I do not want to complain about the referees, because they all have to make difficult decisions, but there was no penalty on Juan Mata, and there was no offside in the episode with the canceled goal. Their second goal, as well as the decision on offside was a mistake. I think with VAR we would win this game.”

However, before the match there was another strange moment. Fans of the London club rode in a tram and sang anti-Semitic chants to Tottenham fans. The leadership of West Ham immediately responded to this incident and promised to close access to the games of the favorite club at the stadium present on the video,

“We will immediately try to identify the perpetrators and give the data to the police. They will be imposed a lifelong ban on visiting the home matches of the team, as well as away games with the club.

West Ham has a strong position: this behavior has no place in our club. We don't want such people to be associated with West Ham.”

London West Ham take 11th place in the Championship of England after 34 matches. Pellegrini's team was completely safe from relegation, where she climbed at the beginning of the season and still scored the 40+ points needed for this, namely 42. In the upcoming match, the Hammers will play at home against Leicester, but bookmakers do not particularly believe in the hosts. West Ham's winning odds are 3.14, for a draw - 3.64, and for Leicester's triumph - 2.34.