Tottenham destroy Ajax in one half

Tottenham destroy Ajax in one half

In the second semifinal couple of the Champions League, another comeback was made. This time, London Tottenham shone on stage with soloist Lucas Moura.

The first match in London ended with a minimal victory for Ajax, which was predictable, given the previous matches of the Amsterdam team. Prior to that, Ajax beat Real Madrid, and Juventus from Turin, making their way to the semifinals. At the same time, Tottenham were terrible in the last matches and almost lost their ticket to the Champions League for the next season. However, after nine away defeats out of the last ten matches, the Spurs mobilized.

The match at Johan Cruyff Arena began quite expectedly. Ajaxids went on the offensive from the first minute and continued to bend their philosophy of young maximalists. The first corner kick in the match ended with a cross on de Ligt's head, who easily got rid of Trippier's ward and opened the score. Half an hour later, Ziyech discharged the cannon into the far corner of Lloris’ goal and seemed to have removed all the questions about the Amsterdam team's passage to the final of the tournament.

Before the break, the teams left with the advantage of Ajax 3:0 on aggreagate. At the same time Tottenham were enough to score three goals to get to the final. However, without Kane, Aurier and Sanchez, this seemed utterly utopian.

In the second half, Ajax came out confident in their passage, which killed them later. Ten Hag’s team began to swagger and gradually began to forget about the attack, holding the ball in midfield. Lucas Moura, who came to the place of Harry Kane, perfectly figured out with Dele Alli in midfield and dragged the ball to Onana’s goal. The Brazilian took advantage of the relaxation of the midfield line of Ajax, almost the first time in four halves of the confrontation, and scored a goal. After four minutes the score was already 2:2, when the same Lucas finished the ball into the goal after an error by Shone.

The game went into decline and Ajax tried to break into the penalty area of the guests. Several times they did it, and they tailed the frame of the goal of Hugo Lloris. Ziyech constantly lacked a couple of centimeters to complicate the task of Pochettino’s team, and at that moment the guests believed in a miracle that they had seen the previous day in the performance of their neighbors from Liverpool.

On the 96th minute, Lucas took the ball in the penalty area and with the first touch struck into the far corner. De Ligt did not have time to cover the blow of the Brazilian, and Onana only held the ball with his hand into the net. Pochettino burst into tears, falling to his knees on the lawn under the roar of the stands of the local arena, and the players of Ajax fell to the ground, realizing that they had become a kind of Barcelona, which did not keep the advantage of three goals.

Before the second leg, the bookmakers gave Spurs 12% on advancement to the finals, when Liverpool had two times less. Yesterday we talked about the fact that any other team on the site of the Reds would have scored the decisive goal in the end of the match, as it happens in any good movie. The day before yesterday, we saw a masterpiece of sports cinematography, and yesterday - an excellent sequel, which, though not overshadowed by previous emotions, but at least greatly pleased.