Champions League to change from 2024

Champions League to change from 2024

The UEFA was extremely cynical about the Champions League, which the Super League, which was created exclusively for top clubs, wanted to enslave.

Last week, the UEFA representatives met with the European Club Association (ECA), announcing a new project for the reformation of the Champions League. The main European football body proposed to abandon eight groups with four teams and create four groups of eight teams each.

This will increase the number of matches in the European competitions, according to functionaries. The idea of Juventus President Agnelli, who proposed a similar project with matches on weekends, was not accepted by the clubs, as this would threaten the profitability of their national championships.

New changes will affect the qualification of the teams for the next season in the Champions League. According to the project, the five best teams in each group will reserve a place in the tournament for the next season, and the rest of the teams will play out among themselves who will leave the tournament using the Nations League system.

A bit earlier, Agnelli proposed his Champions League reformation project, which would have ruined the English Premier League. Discussion about it will be held on June 6 in Malta, where there will also be representatives of 232 ENA clubs. At the same time, 900 clubs that did not receive an invitation from Agnelli in May will gather in Madrid to find ways to blockade this idea.

According to Agnelli, there should be four groups of eight teams in the Champions League. In each group, the last 2 teams drop out of the tournament for the next season, and six reserve a place. In addition, the Italian suggested holding the Champions League matches on weekends, postponing championship matches on weekdays. Thus, domestic championships will lose the audience, income and perspective in development, while the participants of the Champions League will cut the budget from the TV rights to show their matches.

Most of the damage will be inflicted to the EPL, which already lives well with nine billion euros over three years of selling TV rights. It is not surprising that the reforms are planned for 2024, since it was then that the Premier League ends the agreement on the broadcasting of matches. However, the ideas of the UEFA and Agnelli, if they are destined to be implemented, require enormous modifications in order to take into account the preferences of all participants. But is it necessary to change something then?