Hazard figured out his future

Hazard figured out his future

London Chelsea leader Eden Hazard said that he was fully determined with his future. the football player told about this to Goal portal after talking with the team.

Over the past 7 years at Stamford Bridge, Eden Hazard has become a true leader of the Blues. Together with the team he won two England Championships, won the Europa League, England Cup and League Cup. Also, the winger, together with the Belgian national team, won bronze medals at the last World Championships in Russia, beating the British for third place.

This season has become a landmark for the Belgian, because at first he didn’t have a very good relationship with the Blues’ head coach Maurizio Sarri. Given the situation in the team, the player began to look intently towards Madrid, because he constantly spoke of the desire to play for the local Real. The change of Lopetegui to Solari, and later on to Zidane, only catalyzed the decision-making process of Hazard.

Winger said in the last interview that he had decided on his future and announced the intentions to his team and club partners. On the question of whether the situation was resolved before the end of the season, Hazard answered,

“I wanted this, but this did not happen. I'm still waiting, just like you, just like the fans are waiting.

I made a decision, but it is not only for me. We need to play in the final, and then we will see.

I was never distracted by what was happening. When you are on the field, you try to be focused on the field and the ball. That's all. When I'm on the field, I just try to show my best game. I do not think about this and that, my situation or the situation of the club. I just try to win matches.”

Last season in the Premier League, Hazard scored 16 goals and gave 15 assists. On the side of the football player, even Maurizio Sarri, who recently did not often release the player from the first minutes, left the Belgian to solve more complex tasks. In the semifinal match with Eintracht, it was his goal in the penalty shootout that brought the Blues to the Europa League final, where they will play against Arsenal.

The player’s decision may also be affected by an appeal rejected by the court for Chelsea, which was barred from registering new players for two transfer windows. However, the 28-year-old winger does not seem to be very interested in the affairs of the club, to whom he gave seven years of career and helped Chelsea to reach a new level. Earlier, Hazard was seen in a variety of scandals involving the dismissal of Chelsea London’s coaches, so keeping the footballer on the team would be extremely unprofitable. Especially when next summer his contract expires and the player leaves the team without dividends for Roman Abramovich’s club.

Chelsea will finish the season in a match with Arsenal for the Europa League Cup. The bookmakers set the following odds for this match, which may be the last for Hazard in Chelsea and will definitely be the last for the legend of the Blues, Peter Cech: Chelsea victory in regular time - 2.30; Arsenal's victory in regular time - 3.10; Draw in regular time - 3.30; Chelsea victory in the tournament - 1.70; Arsenal's victory in the tournament - 2.15.