Liverpool are the champions! ALLEZ, ALLEZ, ALLEZ

Liverpool are the champions! ALLEZ, ALLEZ, ALLEZ

In the final match of the Champions League, Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool defeated Mauricio Pochettino’s Tottenham London 0:2.

You can talk about the bad luck of the Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp in the finals. Six out of seven lost - a large figure, which is comparable with the results of Hector Cooper. However, before the match, the Reds were called the favorites, having a concrete defense and possibly the best goalkeeper of modern times.

There were changes in the starting lineup of both teams. Salah and Firmino returned in Liverpool, and also Vijnaldum came out in the midfield from the first minutes. Kane recovered for Tottenham, and began the game Lukas Moura, who dragged Spor to the final, on the bench. Sissoko got into the starting lineup and already at the 23rd second of the match brought a penalty kick into his own net. The teams did not really feel the ground for the game when Salah opened the score with a strong blow to the center of the goal.

You can't think of a better start for Liverpool. The defense acted smoothly, not allowing to create anything in the first half of the match. In this case, the Reds used the space in Tottenham, fleeing into counterattacks. The nominal guests gave Tottenham the initiative completely and didn’t go into high pressing playing by the score. This allowed them to save power and complete the first half with an advantage.

In the second half, Klopp did not wait for Pochettino’s reaction, but acted on the lead. The German replaced Firmino with Origi. The Brazilian looked not quite ready for the match after the injury, but the Belgian deserved to enter the field after the brace against Barcelona. Wijnaldum went to the bench next after just four minutes. The German understood that in the last half hour of main time the degree would be heated and there would be a lot of struggle. Therefore, the coach released the strong James Milner, who after a couple of minutes on the field almost scored after Mane slalom pass and Salah’s pass.

There were few tactical changes in the match. Klopp instructed to play exclusively on counterattacks, without losing force on the pressing. Tottenham reorganized from 4-2-3-1 to 4-1-4-1 when Lucas and Dyer entered the pitch. In the last 20 minutes of the match, the Spurs went in bulk, but all their attempts were in vain thanks to Matip with Van Dijk and Alisson, who showed Carius how to play in the Champions League final. The Brazilian made eight saves and became the best player of the match according to the portal Whoscored.

When Tottenham Hotspur opened up, there was enough space for Liverpool counterattacks. No wonder that one of them ended with a flight to the Lloris goal and a corner earned. Although in this match there was no such draw, as in the game with Barcelona, but he lost the ball on the edge of the penalty and found Origi and drove under the far post. The Belgian’s billiard shot withdrew all questions on the outcome of the match. Alisson’s several saves and Liverpool players crashed onto the lawn with tears in their eyes after a victorious battle.

Liverpool defended their honor after losing the final in Kyiv. The players fought not only for their own sake, but also for the sake of a coach, who for four and a half years built a real family at Anfield. After the match, team captain Jordan Henderson said,

“Without the coach, this success would have been impossible. Incredible what he did since he led the team. He created a special unity in the dressing room - all the praise should go to the coach.”

For the first time in his career, Klopp won the Champions League title after failures in 2013 and 2018. The dark streak for the German ended in a well-deserved bottle of light beer, with which he came to the press conference, and a gold medal on his chest. Liverpool rightly won the Champions League, passing Bavaria, Porto, Barcelona and Tottenham. If after last year, when Porto, Manchester City and Roma and Real were on their way, one could doubt the merits of the Reds - then this season was held under the auspices of Klopp and his boys.