Coutinho will not go to Man Utd

Coutinho will not go to Man Utd

The Catalan Barcelona midfielder Philippe Coutinho is not going to move to Old Trafford out of respect for the former team.

Philippe Coutinho moved to Liverpool from Inter Milan in 2013. For five years at Anfield, the Brazilian has earned himself a reputation as a quality winger. But last year under the leadership of Jürgen Klopp the the midfielder mastered the position of the central midfielder. Barcelona could not resist the similarity of dozens of Reds and Iniesta, laying out for him about 150 million euros.

However, hopes did not come true and Coutinho did not play at Camp Nou in full measure. There were several reasons for this, one of which is the situation in the team. The Brazilian was used to being the main star at Liverpool. Even Henderson or Mane at that time could not compete with him in popularity. Immediately there was at least Lionel Messi, able to leave everyone behind with his authority.

Coutinho also did not understand what Valverde required of him. Being in place of a winger, he and Alba could create a moment for the goal, and could also bring a counterattack to their goal. In the Champions League this happened much more often. Talking about the position of the central midfielder is not at all worth it, because there Coutinho lacked a vision of the field.

Therefore, Barcelona is not averse to get rid of the payroll for the Brazilian, asking for him about 80 million euros. But the only bright challenger at the moment are Manchester United. Coutinho, having gone through a school at Liverpool, realizes that coming to Old Trafford is fraught with serious consequences, where the broken glass of his car during the last months in Liverpool will seem like a fairy tale to him.

At the same time Manchester United also want to get the stainess Ivan Rakitic to the place of Pogba, if the latter still leaves the club, in which he is offered the most greenhouse conditions. Coutinho is also hunted by PSG, who are already tired of Neymar with constant tension inside the team, injuries to important matches and lack of progress.

According to the odds of the British betting operators, Coutinho’s transfer to PSG is the most probable (3/1). Following them are Liverpool (7/1), Tottenham (16/1), Manchester United (14/1) and Juventus (20/1).