Mom got Rabiot accepted to PSG

Mom got Rabiot accepted to PSG

The French PSG ex-halfback Adrien Rabiot moved to Juventus from Turin after a six-month stagnation in Paris.

Rabiot went to Juventus after his contract with PSG expired; however, Barcelona and PSG hunted for the Frenchman before that. Thanks to this transfer, the halfback will earn seven million euros a year and his mother and at the same time his agent, Veronica Rabiot, earned 10 million euros commission on the transfer.

Previously Adrien was seen in scandals numerous times. The most notable one was the footballer’s refusal to be in the national team of France reserve. The player harshly reacted on the decision of the head coach Didier Deschamps, because of which the scandal erupted. In the end, France won the World Cup and Rabiot was left without a medal. Then the halfback boycotted performance for PSG. He did not play in official matches for six months; therefore it is hard to tell about his readiness.

At the same time, the midfielder himself stated the following after his transfer,

“Juventus are a very prestigious club with great experience on the European level, they often play in the last stages of the European cups. As I see it, it is a step forward compared to PSG and that is what inspired me to join Juventus.”

Rabiot also told that he communicated with Buffon throughout the last season and often discussed Juventus. He also shared first impressions in the Old Lady’s camp, having noted the professionalism of players and the atmosphere in the locker-room.

On the other hand, Maurizio Sarri came to the team, who already has experience of conflicts with players. Just remember the events in the League Cup final against Manchester City and Kepa’s disagreement to leave the field.

Considering the conflict nature of Rabiot and his agent mom as well as competition in the midfield, where Bentancur, Can, Pjanic, Matuidi, Khedira and Aaron Ramsey claim three places, it will be difficult for Sarri. One can only wish patience for the Italian and rationality in his actions and expressions for Rabiot.