Manchester United have kept Rashford

Manchester United have kept Rashford

Manchester United are trying to keep their best footballers. After Pogba and de Gea, talented Rashford’s turn has come.

Manchester United failed the last season, having taken sixth place in the league after Mourinho’s departure and Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer’s arrival in the club. Only the team’s advancement to the Champions league quarter-finals and a comeback in France against PSG sweetened the pill of misfortune. In everything else Man United looked terrible, not taking into account the first two months of Solskjaer’s work.

This respectfully reflected on the atmosphere inside the squad and on footballers. Back in winter Pogba told his teammates of his intentions to return to Juventus, and de Gea was going to go to Spain, but the club applied the option of contract extension for a year.

Understanding that the club will not be able to withhold its best footballers by force, Man United started making purchases to achieve maximum results next season at least in domestic tournaments and the Europa League. Wan-Bissaka from Crystal Palace joined the Mancunians, who can play on both wings of defense and now they are trying to extend contracts with youth.

Marcus Rashford was the first one to concede. Last season the 21-year old forward scored 10 goals and made seven assists in 33 matches, thus improving his statistics compared to the previous season. The club offered him a salary like Paul Pogba’s, and now the Englishman will earn 300 thousand pounds a week and his contract is in force until the end of the 2022/23 season.

Manchester United need rejuvenating. Valencia and Young are done and are going away to earn some money, a true nightmare is in defense and the only bright spot is David de Gea. With Solskjaer’s arrival the midfield began playing better, when he gave Pogba freedom, but the trick did not fix all the problems and there is still no stability.

Due to absence of stability in defense and chaos in the midfield, the offense lacks and Man Utd often played “Kick-and-run” with their throws. It is unlikely that with such an approach most players would remain in the team by the next season and they would be right to do so. For now, the name and the funds work for the club, but it’s not for long, if no serious results will be observed.