Messi is being ignored: CONMEBOL blames the Argentine

Messi is being ignored: CONMEBOL blames the Argentine

Copa America bronze winner Lionel Messi received an answer to his questions from the continental federation CONMEBOL regarding refereeing honesty.

The national team of Argentina met with Brazil in the Copa America semi-final. Selecao scored a quick goal and most of the time played by the score, being in defense. At the same time, Messi with partners sieged Alisson Becker’s goal, but aside from shooting the frame did not manage to achieve anything. In the end of the game Firmino doubled the tournament hosts’ advantage and the question of the first finalist was answered.

After the meeting, Messi burst into words of indignation, pointing out refereeing mistakes. In the national team of Argentina leader and Barcelona captain’s opinion, this became a reason for unappointed penalty shot on Becker’s goal and Albiceleste’s elimination from the tournament.

In the third place play-off against Chile, the main referee Díaz de Vivar sent off Messi and Medel on the 37th minute. The Paraguayan reasoned that the Argentine ten hit Medel with his shoulder, because of which a fight broke out. After the match, Messi as usual broke down refereeing at Copa America and claimed that they help Brazil win the domestic tournament. After such statements, a COMNEBOL representative stated,

“In football, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. A fundamental part of fair play is the ability to accept results with dignity and respect.”

At the same time, it cannot be said that Messi’s words were unlawful. While one can argue about the match with Brazil, it is hard to explain the referee’s actions in the third place play-off. From the first minute he lost the threads of the game, when he let Lionel play out a free kick with a rolling ball and make an assist on Aguero. Sending off the captains of both national teams was unjustified, as the scandal between the footballers ended on pushing each other with chests.

Argentina finished international performance on the continental championship with the bronze medal and Messi was once again left without a cup with his national team. However, there was place for bright moments, like Lautaro Martinez’s game and short interaction of Dybala and Messi. The Juventus player finished the season on a major note, having scored the second goal in Chile’s goal and has to add confidence before the next season.