Griezmann is offended

Griezmann is offended

The main goalscorer of Atletico Madrid Antoine Griezmann has to remain in the club, but the Frenchman has no intention of returning to the training camp.

Last spring, Atletico forward Antoine Griezmann told the club and the fans that he will leave Wanda Metropolitano in the summer transfer window. The functionaries knew that the next place of work of the World champion will be Barcelona, but it wasn’t that simple. The circumstances of agreements of the player with the Catalans interfered with the transfer.

As it turned out, since February Griezmann and Barcelona representatives had negotiations regarding the future transfer and waited for the footballer’s clause to decrease from 200 million euros to 120 million. Having found out that the player tricked them together with the giants of the Spanish football, Atletico representatives sent the official press release, in which they shed light on all the details od the negotiations and Blamed Barcelona and Griezmann in disrespect of the club. The outcome of the scandal was the Indians’ firm position regarding the forward.

Atletico in the form of an order turned to the 28-year-old striker. The club is making him return to the team and go to the training camp in Los Angeles de San Rafael. Griezmann himself after the scandal told the Mattressers that he will not arrive to the pre-season camp. The Madridian club is going to fine the Frenchman in case of disobedience and close his escape routes.

The only thing that can save the forward is full clause payment according to his contract. Last spring Antoine had negotiations with the team manager Diego Simeone and the club met his terms agreeing to facilitate the transfer. The little Prince, as his fans have named him earlier, hopes that the clubs will find a compromise even after such a scandal. Otherwise, he will have to believe that Barcelona will pay all 120 million euros and free him from the shackles.

Atletico are one of the few European clubs that have a distinct character. This is inherent in the coaching approach, and in the players themselves, who play for the emblem. Not surprisingly, by violating the Madrid "concepts", Griezmann drove himself into a stalemate situation where nothing depends on him. Only Barcelona can save him, if the Catalans will not give up on him at the last moment.