De Rossi retires

De Rossi retires

Daniele De Rossi, who spent his whole career at the Roman Romam is going to hang his boots on a nail after he turned out to be unwanted by his club.

As it became known from Sky Sports Italia, the Italian halfback is not going to move to Roma competitors’ camp and intends to say goodbye to the footballer’s career, beginning a career of a footballer or a functionary.

Daniele De Rossi spent 18 years in Rome, having become a true icon for local fans much like Francesco Totti. But just like his former teammate, he turned out to be unwanted by the Wolves’ new management.

Roma denied the midfielder a contract extension, after which he received tons of offers from Serie A clubs, such as Sampdoria, Milan, Fiorentina or Bologna. Also, some MLS clubs and the Argentine Boca Juniors were interested in the footballer. For now, there is no accurate information, where will De Rossi go after the end of his career. Amongst the options, the coach of U-21 Italy national team post is being named.

The Roman club’s new management treats local legends poorly. After the club did not give an opportunity for Francesco Totti to develop as a functionary, the fans regard the changes in the club structure with skepticism. The arrival of the new manager to the club, which is Paulo Fonseca from Shakhtar was met hostile by the supporters and the atmosphere inside the club is far from friendly.

It is no surprise that one of the team leaders, Stephan El Shaarawy, is going to China, and the stronghold of security in the Romans’ defense, Costas Manolas went to the competing Napoli. It is also became known that at Fonseca’s first training, there was a verbal skirmish with an assistant that only confirms the hardship inside the team.