Diego Simeone humiliates Real Madrid

Diego Simeone humiliates Real Madrid

Atletico Madrid head coach Diego Simeone in an interview to La Nacion shared his opinion regarding the work of a head coach and humiliated Real Madrid.

Diego Simeone expressed himself in his typical manner on the address of Atletico’s main opponent. The Argentine accused Los Blancos in their style being built only depending on what kind of footballers play in the team. Whereas the club, in his opinion, is forgetting about its history.

Asa claimed by Simeone, upon arrival to Atletico Madrid in 2011, he first studied the history of the club and after that he built his style under Atletico, whereas remaining himself. In the manager’s opinion, this part is fundamental in a manager’s work,

“Ajax have their school, their own style. And Barcelona, and Juventus. Atletico also have it. And Real don’t. Their style changes depending on players.

The teams like Guardiola’s Manchester City also appear, which do not have history, but which accept the way, Pep points them out. Maybe, in ten years we will be able to say that City play in a certain way. We will see, if someone comes after Guardiola, who rebuild everything after himself.”

Simeone, just like most modern supporters, romanticizes football too much, paying attention to club history, style and everything. In modern times, such professionals are few. The last repesentatives of the old firm were Arsene Wenger, sir Alex Ferguson, Jupp Heynckes.

Every year, football becomes a spectacle, which has to bring a short-term pleasure, much like a tv show. For that, the clubs purchase expensive footballers, which will bring profit from marketing, but will probably play without devotion. Whereas only head coaches carry responsibility for such players. Clubs change head coaches after every scandal inside the team. Sometimes such measures are justified, sometimes roles are not designated in the club and there is a lack of respect and no competence. In any case, the clubs became a reason for abrupt vector changes in modern football, which is far from football and has become a big marketplace.