Lampard likes that no one believes in him

Lampard likes that no one believes in him

On the eve of the UEFA Super Cup, Chelsea London's new coach Frank Lampard gave an interview in which he admitted that he was pleased with the way he was treated.

On August 14, London Chelsea will fight with Liverpool for the UEFA Super Cup. Three days earlier, the Englishman had a difficult match against Manchester United in the first round of the Premier League. The calendar does not spare Lampard, as well as sports experts in the press, trying to downplay the merits of the former midfielder of the Blues.

In an interview with the BBC, Frank Lampard shared how he accepts all the taunts and predictions that Chelsea will not be in the top four of the EPL by the end of the season,

“I really like it. I really like to listen to all these predictions, everyone puts us outside the top four. There is nothing better than proving that people are wrong.

Man City and Liverpool last season showed that there is a gap, everyone needs to reduce it. We aim for victory and, of course, we want to play in the Champions League every year. We are realistic, and we just need to work to the maximum.

Yes, it is achievable, because it is football. One of its charms is that you always start over”, said Lampard.

At the pre-season training camp, Chelsea looked good. The team only lost Kawasaki in the exhibition match, and then beat Barcelona, Reading, Salzburg and tied with the Mönchengladbach Borussia. A big problem for the Blues was the line of defense. If the departure of Eden Hazard can be compensated by the arrival of Pulisic, then the transfer of David Luiz to Arsenal can be considered a failure of the London club.

The scale of sadness for the fans is aggravated by the fact that the Aristocrats have bans on transfers and instead of saving players at all costs - they release them without a twinge of conscience. Given all the prerequisites, it is not surprising that the press does not very well believe in the success of Lampard. And the point here is not so much in the coach as in the situation in which he found himself at the start of his manager career.