Liverpool are the strongest club in Europe

Liverpool are the strongest club in Europe

In the UEFA Super Cup, which took place in Istanbul, Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool defeated Chelsea in the aftermatch penalty series.

The most significant victory in the modern history of Liverpool is dated the year 2005, when Rafael Benitez’s team in Istanbul changed the course of the match with Milan and won the Champions League cup in the penalty series. Fourteen years later, the Reds once again won the European cup final on the Turkish soil.

The match began with the dominance of the nominal guests. After the match at Old Trafford, in which Chelsea lost 4:0, it seemed that Frank Lampard’s team is not capable of competing with Liverpool equally. But everything went differently. Thanks to total advantage in the midfield, Chelsea took the ball to Adrian’s penalty box without any trouble. The pressure rose and with it the amount of moments for the London team. On the 36th minute, the defense’s sluggishness together with Liverpool midfielders led to the first goal. Pulisic made a pass on Giroud, who stormed into the penalty box and the Frenchman shot the far corner.

During the break, Jurgen Klopp once again showed mastership or motivating his footballers.Having let out the missing link in the person of Roberto Firmino, the Reds received a numerical supremacy in the midfield and Bobby on the 48th minute made an assist to Sadio Mane after a siege of the opponents’ goal.

After that, Liverpool continued to run on Kepa’s goal, but in one moment Chelsea were saved by the goalkeeper, and later by the woodwork and the post. However, the keeper’s friendship with the frame didn’t last long. The break before extra-time and Klopp once again set his team for a goal. Sadio Mane stormed through the left wing after a play with Firmino shot the ball into the woodwork, from which it went to the net. However, six minutes later, Chelsea earned a penalty, which was correctly realized by Jorginho, putting the ball and Adrian into different corners.

Before the break for the penalty series the Blues had advantage. Lampard eventually changed Kovacic for Barkley, having refreshed the central axis of his team, which coped with kryptonite role for Klopp’s gang.

But, just like the thriller of 14 years ago everything was decided in the penalty series. And every cloud hasa silver lining. Football players in red T-shirts almost paid for straightforward performance twice, after which Kepa lacked a couple of centimeters to deflect the ball in the post. The same thing happened with the young goalkeeper and in the Chelsea scandalous League Cup final, when the Spaniard hit the ball into his own net due to weak anthropometry. Nevertheless, Liverpool scored their five shots when the young London striker Tammy Abraham could not cope with excitement and shot in the center. Adrian fended off the hit and won his first trophy, having arrived to Liverpool nine days ago.

The outcome of the match was not a surprise to many. Liverpool were obviously favorites, but Chelsea showed the best game on the counterattack, giving the ball to the opponent for possession. The Blues looked a lot better than in the match with Manchester United, scored two goals, and their two goals were canceled due to offsides, in which the Chelsea players got 11 times thanks to well-established traps from Van Dijk and Matip. But to beat Liverpool in Istanbul, and even in the penalty shootout - the mission is practically impossible. For the Reds, any stadium in this city is comparable to Anfield, so if Klopp's team for the third time in a row reaches the Champions League final, which will also be held in Istanbul, their opponents will not be greeted. Whoever they are.