Adrian surpasses Origi

Adrian surpasses Origi

Liverpool’s new goalkeeper Adrian nine days after his arrival to the new team won his first ever cup in his life.

The Spanish goalkeeper from Seville Adrian’s story began in big football with the second most significant team from his hometown. The footballer passed Betis academy and after that he debuted for the third team in 2006. After five-year wanderings through Betis reserve teams, loans to Alcala and Utrera, the goalkeeper made a grownup decision and having spent only 32 matches for the Green-and-whites he moved to the Albion.

West Ham met Adrian with open arms in England, for which he participated from 2013 to 2019. The Spaniard played for the Hammers 123 matches in total being the main goalkeeper the season before last. However, Fabianski put the goalkeeper on the bench at West Ham.

On August 5th, the 32-year old goalkeeper accepted the offer from Liverpool and moved to Anfield as a free agent. It isn’t hard to understand Adrian’s intentions and it is better to be second in a giant than second in middle-class team of the English football. The transfer coincided with Simon Mignolet’s departure, who went defending the colors of the Belgian Brugge and helped the new team advance to the next round of the Champions League qualification.

On August 9th, Adrian was already on the reserve bench in the opening match of the new EPL season, where Liverpool hosted Norwich. In the middle of the first half, the main goalkeeper of the Reds Alisson Becker got injured when entering the ball in the game and left the pitch. What more luck can we talk about after this? Although this sounds cynical, he got lucky even later.

Despite the conceded goal from Norwich, Adrian showed himself decently, having made four saves. There was not a single question about who would defend the Liverpool goal in the Super Cup match against Chelsea. Adrian did not fail. Several times he saved the team after going to a rendezvous with Kovacic, getting the ball out of the woodwork after a hit by Mount, but the peak fell on a penalty shootout in which Adrian repulsed the last hit of Chelsea player Abraham and won his first career trophy in the new club nine days later.

After the match, Jürgen Klopp shared his opinion about the game of the new goalkeeper, and also shed light on things in the locker room,

“Where was Adrian when we played with Man City a couple of weeks ago? The goalkeeper coach told me he needed time to get in shape. He did not have this time, but today he played just great. I don’t know when he last went out on the pitch in an official match, but today he played incredibly.

Adrian is not only good on the pitch. He is also a leader in the locker room. During the break, he, perhaps, spoke louder than me. He deserved this victory. Throughout 120 minutes, he played amazingly, and his save in the penalty shootout became a cherry on the top of the cake.”

Although Sadio Mane became the best player of the match, who made a brace in Kepa's goal, but without Adrian at the goal his two goals could have turned into dust, if there had been a conditional Mignolet. Adrian earned the title of new lucky in Liverpool after Divock Origi and his brace in the goal of Barcelona. Liverpool are a fabulous club, and anyone who comes here can write their own tale in front of millions of fans.